VTB Bank is the official partner of the Fencing Federation of Georgia

Fencing has a long and prolific tradition in Georgia - not merely from a sporting, but also from a cultural point of view. The Georgian art of fencing has been known since the ancient times and was used mainly in military activities. The original style of fencing still remains in Khevsureti, which holds a special place in the world of fencing with its uniqueness. Therefore, since 2016 VTB Bank is the official partner of the Georgian Fencing Federation. It is very important for us to develop this sport, because it holds a special place in the history of Georgia.
The creation of fencing training groups in Georgia started in the 19th century. Georgian fencing was very successful in the 20th century. Unfortunately, after the independence of Georgia, the progress of this sport has halted and the success has been reduced.

However, the new wave of success emerged after the VTB Bank became the official partner of the Fencing Federation. Our goal is to restore the glory to this sport, because, in addition to the importance of sport, fencing also has cultural importance for Georgia.
VTB Bank has been actively financing the physical preparations of fencers and the participation of Georgian athletes in various international tournaments, where they have achieved many significant accomplishments: For the first time in the history of independent Georgia, Georgian fencers won a lot of medals.

It is noteworthy, that for the first time in the history of the country, in 2017 Tbilisi hosted the Seniors European Championship. At the tournament, Georgian athletes have shown historic results. However, in addition to sporting success, it is especially crucial that such a large-scale international tournament was held in Georgia.

This fact indicates that the development of fencing is headed to the right direction and the international recognition serves as a benchmark.
Georgia holds a thirteenth spot In the World Fencing Rankings. However, our goals go even further. We are ready to continue active cooperation with the Georgian Fencing Federation, to finance more and more tournaments that will help to improve the position of the team in the World fencing rankings.

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