Horse riding has always been an important part of the history of Georgia.

Local and foreign sources from different historical ages show that a variety of horse riding disciplines in our country have been very successful since the ancient times, which alongside with the cultural phenomenon had had military and strategic purposes. We can say for sure that riding horses and equestrianism are parts of the Georgian national heritage – It is in our blood.
However, equestrianism in Georgia had stopped its development, and in 2015, VTB decided to become the general sponsor of the Equestrian Federation. During the period of general sponsorship VTB Bank provided financial support for the athletes’ preparation, equipment and participation in tournaments.
In addition to establishing a healthy lifestyle, horse riding has a close connection with Georgian tradition and culture, Georgian traditions are also closely linked, and therefore VTB will continue to actively cooperate with the Federation in future.

The development of sports is almost impossible without the international tournaments. That is why, since 2015, VTB Bank holds the World Cup qualifying tournament – VTB CUP.

The tournament is international and plays a crucial role in enhancing the country's prestige.

We believe that the interest of foreign countries will be able to help this sport and increase the interest of future generation in horse riding.
The tournament is held in Tbilisi and every year it becomes more and more popular. Leading riders from around the world take part in the tournament. Alongside with Georgian riders, the Ukrainian, Kazakh, Turkish, Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Iranian and other athletes from various countries participate in the VTB CUP.

Professional horsemen participate in three Olympic disciplines: show jumping, dressage and eventing.
Our goal is to make VTB CUP more popular in the future and to host more riders from all over the world in Georgia. In our opinion, such tournaments influences positively not only the development of sports - We believe that CUP VTB is a great way to better acquaint the cultural heritage of Georgia with the rest of the world.

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