Back VTB Bank (Georgia) and ODDO BHF Engage into a Trade Financing Cooperation

VTB Bank (Georgia) JSC and International Franco-German Group – OOD BHF – engage into a trade financing cooperation. Within the trade financial credit line limit the Bank will finance export and import trade operations of its customer companies.

VTB Bank (Georgia) JSC CCBO, Vladimer Robakidze, stated:
This cooperation with ODDO BHF is a fruit of a very significant and consisten effort. We are happy to partner with one of the largest international financial groups in a cause of fascilitatind strengthening trade activities of Goergian companies, their introduction to international markets and simultaneously strengthening our grounds in this field. Willingness of an European financial institution with 150-years of history to cooperate is yet another evidence to huge experience of VTB Bank (Georgia) in trade financing and reliability it ensues. 

ODDO BHF is an International Franco-German Group working in three main directions: Corporates&Markets, Private Wealth Management, Asset Management. In a trade financing direction the group operations spread all across the globe.

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