Back Garmin Pay Now Available for VTB Bank (Georgia) Cardholders

Garmin Pay is a payment system you can use if you hold a VTB Bank (Georgia) emitted VISA card, iOS or AndroidOS smartphone and a Garmin sports watch. Garmin pay allows contactless payments by waving a watch near the POS terminal. 

Garmin Pay works with any contactless POS terminal. In order to activate the payment system, follow these steps: download Garmin Connect app to your smartphone, connect your smartphone with the watch and follow instructions to link your VTB Bank (Georgia) card to the app. To make a payment you need to open the wallet available on your watch, input a password (during the first payment of the day only) and wave the watch near the terminal completing the simple and safe process. 

Garmin Pay is a simple and secure payment method for active and sporty individuals. 

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