Back Agro loans from 0% are granted within the framework of State Program

The loans from 0% (effective from 0.5%) are granted within the framework of the State Preferential Agro Credit Program. VTB Bank has been involved from the very first day and actively cooperating with the Preferential Agro Credit Program for 7 years now. At this stage, the loans within that program may be obtained for working and fixed asset financing.

The preferential agro credit provides for the opportunity of financing the current costs of sowing and planting material for annual crops; purchase of pesticides, organic and mineral fertilizers, biological means of plant protection; hiring labor force and agricultural machinery for agricultural works; repairs of irrigation system for annual crops. 

Furthermore, the preferential agro credit is funding the establishment of new agricultural facilities and technical re-equipment of existing ones. The product is intended for processing, infrastructural and intensive primary agricultural enterprises, planting perennial crops, purchase of agricultural machinery and other.

The preferential agro credit is issued only in GEL. The credit amount is GEL 5000 - 100 000 for working assets, and 7000 - 5000 000 GEL for fixed assets.

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