Back VTB Bank to offer special terms for auto loans

VTB Bank is offering special terms to those wishing to purchase a new car. This offer will enable the customers to get a new car out of the Bank’s partner car dealership, drive it for 3 year and then turn it back for the predetermined purchase price. What is the most important, in 3 years’ time (at the end of the loan term) the buyers are given the opportunity to choose one of the three proposed options: 

  • To return the car to a car dealership for the residual price, whereby the obligation to the Bank is settled.
  • To cover the loan in full and keep the purchased car.
  • To restructure the residual value amount, extend the loan for another 3 years and become the owner of the car.

The key advantages of the product:    

  • Lower monthly payments on the loan during the use of vehicle
  • Flexible loan schedule 3+3 (years)
  • 6 months insurance as a gift
  • Co-participation from 0%

Specific conditions for the car loan are determined depending on the car dealer and the car selected.

Customers may take advantage of the aforementioned terms at the following partner autodealerships:

PorscheCenter Tbilisi
Toyota Center Tbilisi/Tegeta

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