Back #1 Fan - VTB Bank Support Campaign

VTB, as #1 fan of Georgian football, launches the “#1 football fan” campaign to support the national team before the historic match of November 12. We would like to remind you that on November 12, the Dinamo Arena will host the Nations League play-off between the national teams of Georgia and Northern Macedonia, the winner of which will go on to take part in the European Championship 2021. On the eve of this most important historic match, the guys are in desperate need of our unity that can shake not only the rivals’ confidence, but mountains as well.

The path of our team was not an easy one. Nevertheless, we all got over and came to the understanding that support and encouragement are the only direct path to the victory. In 2017-2018, together, we managed to win 9 matches out of 12. Then there were many other successes, including the most match wins in the Nations League group. Winning the match on November 12 will bring the greatest success to Georgian football, therefore it is highly important for the whole country to unite into the team of wholehearted #1 fans.
From today, all fans can put the fan frames over their Facebook profile photo, apply Instagram filters, and participate in the Tik Tok challenge. The best video authors will be awarded with fan memorabilia. The campaign’s latest progress updates will be posted on the official webpages of VTB Bank in social networks. 

Only few days separate us from this historic match. In football, the biggest thrill is when the heartbeats of fans and players coincide. This is what makes wonders on the field. VTB has been the fan of Georgian soccer for many years trying to inspire motivation that is so necessary for the footballers.

Before this crucial match, we wish the entire community to get involved in this campaign to support our players and turn into the # 1 fan of Georgian football," - said Shota Machavariani, Head of the Marketing and Public Relations Department of VTB Bank.  

This ball is in our court…

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