Back VTB Bank continues to support agribusiness

Agribusiness is a priority area for VTB Bank. The Bank has been working with people engaged in the sector for many years and continually helps them to expand and develop their business activities.

As a result of such cooperation, Robert and Giga Edilashvili in the village of Breti, Kareli district grow fruit and vegetables on the 25-hectare landplot annually. Having started to partner up with VTB in 2015 they achieved significant progress over the past 5 years. With the Bank's financial support and as part of a preferential agrocredit project, they have been able to purchase agricultural machinery, plantan intensive apple or chard, install an irrigation system and setup a storage and refrigeration facility. During the year, they employ an average of 40 locals. 

"Robert and Gigi Edilashvili's business story is a vivid example of successful cooperation between a farmer and a bank. What started out as a small farm has, over time, thanks to the tireless work of the borrower and the financial support of the Bank, turned into the one of the most successful farms in the Shida Kartli region.The Bank is constantly involved in identifying the current needs of the agricultural sector and is always ready to provide financial assistance for all the areas of the agricultural sector.This is the kind of partnership that helps businesses succeed," - said Shmagi Bregadze, Head of VTB Bank's Agribusiness Division.

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