Back VTB Bank continues to support farming

VTB Bank, as #1 business supporter, actively develops cooperation with people involved in agriculture and facilitates the growth and development of small farms.    

With the financial support of VTB Bank, an entrepreneur - Natela Turashvili, together with her family, has been developing her own farm for years. Since the 1990s, it has been a successful farm with dozens of hectares of apple, peach, nectarine orchards and vineyards. The crop harvested in 2020 surpassed 750 tones.

To further develop the business and through the Bank’s financial support, the farm purchased the land and, within the framework of preferential agrocredit project, for the past 5 years planted 12 hectares of nectarines and 3 hectares of Kisi and Saperavi grapes, equipped a cold storage facility for 350 tons of fruit. That allowed the company to move to the next stage of development and export the grown fruit. 

The above business story is a clear example of successful and long-term cooperation between a farmer and the Bank. The business, which started out as a small farm, over time, through the tireless work of the borrower and the financial support of the Bank, has now become one of the successful farms in the Kakheti region. The Bank has been continuously involved in identifying the ongoing needs of the agricultural sector and is always ready to provide financial support across all areas of agriculture. This is the kind of partnership that drives the business success, - said Shmagi Bregadze, Head of Agribusiness Lending Division of VTB Georgia.

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