Back Mobile Bank of VTB Bank leads in Android story charts

In May 2021 VTB Bank offered customers a completely updated Mobile bank application.  

The main goal of Mbile bank upgrade is to increase the availability of banking products and simplify service. New Mobile bank redesigned with convenience in mind has gained customer recognition and in just 20 days achieved amazing results – Google Play app for Android ranks 2nd in the top chart, and iPhоnе app received 4.8 stars in  App Store

It is worth noting that during the first 3 weeks half af active  users have already switched to the new Moobile bank and a third of transactions have been carried out through updated channels. 
New Mobile bank enables to:  

  • Easily enter with fingerprint or face scanner
  • Top up mobile phone balance and purchase a package for free
  • Create and group templates
  • Add a car and pay fines easily
  • Carry out conversion at the best (special) rate 
  • Perform other standard operations.

New Mobile bank of VTB Bank is distinguished by its sleek new design and easy intuitive navigation. As a part of upgrade, all processes have been streamlined, simplified and accelerated.

Development of digital banking services is one of the strategic directions of VTB Bank. Completely updated platform for Internet and Mobile bank was created under the international project in which, along with the VTB Bank team, the Latvian company UXDA and the Chinese company BSC Praha took part (UX, design and technical solutions).

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