Back VTB Bank (Georgia) Offers Customers Opportunity to Improve Credit History till June 15

VTB Bank (Georgia) campaign for borrowers with troubled debt ends on June 15. Under the campaign framework VTB Bank (Georgia) offered its customers a unique opportunity – repay principal amount and interest for troubled loans with a discount ranging from 30 to 90% - resulting in annulling borrower’s debt towards VTB Bank (Georgia) and improving current Credit History. Mentioned offer applies only to blank consumer loans of individual borrowers. 

VTB Bank (Georgia) reached out individually to each eligible borrower. A large portion of customers has already jumped a campaing vagon. The campaign is one-time-only, will never be repeated and ends by the end of this week.

 “This is a unique opportunity for those wishing to improve Credit History. By launching this campaign VTB Bank (Georgia) has broken out of traditional CSR bounds and highlited that all customers matter equally” – commented Bank representatives. 

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