Back V CARD – New Credit Card from VTB Bank

VTB Bank (Georgia) offers customers a completely new type of a credit card - V CARD. 

V CARD offers the lowest on the Georgian market interest rate – 16,9% (EIR – 19,7%). Monthly payment is just 2% of used limit. Another advantage offered by V CARD is the lowest ATM cash withdrawal fee. Our fee is 3 times less than that of any other competing credit card. V CARD also boasts the highest credit limit value – 30 000 GEL. When making card payments you receive 1% cashback. 

Unlike any other credit card, holders of V CARD can convert its credit limit to a consumer loan. 

VTB Bank (Georgia) CRBO, Valerian Gabunia stated: today VTB Bank introduced a completely new, I’d say revolutionary card. V CARD was creayed based on a customer survey with all their requirements and expectations in mind. As a result we offer terms no competitor can match that are custom fit to customer interests both from general terms and flexibility points of view.  

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