Football has always been the most important sport in Georgia. It has always been more than just a sport. Arguably, very few events have united our society as profoundly as the success of our football players.

In 2016, VTB Bank became general sponsor of Georgian national football team

Our team has gone through very difficult times - We have seen countless manager changes, many unsuccessful tournaments and disappointed fans.

However, since 2016, our team has achieved unprecedented success: in 2017-2018, the Georgian team won 9 of their 12 games. The team managed to win the most matches in the League of Nations for the entire history of independent Georgia.

We believe that the achievements of our the team in the recent past are only the beginning, and this will certainly lead to results that Georgian football deserves. But we are not going to stop: there is still a lot of work to do if we want to see the flag of our country next to the strongest teams of the world.

We understand that accomplishing any sporting achievement is absolutely impossible without developing children's sports in the country. This is why, along with the national team and football clubs of Georgia, our main goal is the development of children's football.

VTB actively supports the popularization of children's football in the country. Involving the youth in sports is our main social responsibility. This helps not only the national team, but also contributes for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in general. Our wish is that every street in Georgia has stadiums where children can play football. However, merely developed infrastructure is not enough to achieve this goal. It needs a variety of international tournaments that will increase youth engagement in sports.
That’s why VTB became the official sponsor of Vitali Daraselia Cup. The tournament serves the development of youth teams of different ages. Daraselia Cup is held annually and along with Georgian football teams many European football grands participate in it.

In 2016 we also became the sponsors of Tbilisi Cup. The goal of the tournament is to train reserves for football teams and select prospective players for Georgian youth team.

Probably we all agree that a strong national team is unimaginable without a strong national football league. But our football league lacks the support it requires.

Therefore, alongside with the national team, the bank is actively involved in the development of Georgian club football. A striking example of this is the football club "Saburtalo", which during our sponsorship did the impossible and in several seasons climbed up to the first league from the third league.

National team’s fanshop
Football is not only a sport, but also a cultural phenomenon. Consequently, fans should be able to express their support for the national team - whether by purchasing their favorite team's T-shirts or any other attribute.

With the support of VTB, the official online store of the national football team has been created, where Georgian football fans can buy official national equipment and fanbase attributes online at

Support for Georgian sports, especially Georgian football, is the main direction of our social responsibility. We hope that our participation and achievements will become a good example for others, and Georgian football will receive even greater support in the future.

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