Fill in an Application The guaranteed best terms on consumer loans

VTB presents a consumer loan with guaranteed terms and conditions. If you are approved for a better effective rate elsewhere within one month of receiving the loan, we will reduce your interest rate or nullify the porting charge, and refund your loan disbursement fee.

Interest Rate

From 12.4%

Effective Interest Rate

From 18.8%*

Min. Loan Amount

GEL 400

Max. Loan Amount

GEL 45,000 

Max. Loan Term

Up to 48months

Loan Currency


One-time Origination Fee

1% - 2%

Early Repayment Fee

0% - 2%

Loan service monthly commission


Monthly account maintenance

GEL 1.50

What do the terms guaranteed by the Bank mean?
If within one month (30 calendar days) of the loan disbursement you get approved for a loan at another banking institution with identical parameters (purpose, term, currency and amount) at a more effective interest rate, and you produce a document confirming that, then the Bank will adjust the interest rate of your loan, and in case of transferring the loan to another banking institution you will be refunded the one-time loan origination fee as well as the early repayment commission charge.

*The effective interest rate is calculated for GEL 45,000 with a term of 1 year.



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