Fill in an Application Business Loan for Fixed Assets

Loan for long-term prosperity of your Business

If your Business Growth needs additional investments like:

  • Purchase or renovation of Equipment
  • Purchase or renovation of warehouse, office and other enterprise facilities
  • Purchase of a Land
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Other long term investments in fixed assets

Business Loans for Fixed Assets will help you to make it possible.

Loan currency GEL, USD, EUR (for Private Entrepreneurs loans up to GEL 200,000 are only available in national currency)
Repayment schedule Equal/not equal monthly instalments
  • Repayment schedule: standard/individual tailored exactly to your business seasonality and needs
  • Grace period – with only monthly interest payments
  • Long Term of the Loan – up to 84 months

For the detailed information, please apply the nearest branch of the Bank or reach out to our Contact Center 224 24 24


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