Fill in an Application Produce in Georgia

The loan targets both, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Target industries:

  • Production of the packaging materials – including cardboard, corrugated packages
  • Production of construction materials – including ceramic tiles, marble, granite and other natural rocks
  • Production of textiles and leather processing – including garments, shoes, shawl and silk threads
  • Chemical production – including detergents, active organic substances and cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Production of electric appliances- including household appliances
  • Plastic works
  • Wood processing and production of furniture, medium density fibreboard and flakeboard
  • Mechanic engineering – including production of spare parts
  • Production of metal end products
  • Other industrial fields


  • Hotel construction/refurbishment
  • Additional hotel services

Loan Limits and other terms and conditions for Industry and Tourism:

  • Minimum amount: 150 000 GEL
  • Maximum amount: 5 000 000 GEL
  • State co-financing -10%
  • Currency: GEL

Advantages for both sectors:

  • State co-financing (for 24 months term)- in amount of 10%
  • Grace period up to 24 months

Government contribution in collateral: 50% of overall borrowed amount and up to 66 months term.

  • Infrastructure support – transfer of certain state-owned real estate to the programme participants at zero cost, against investment commitments
  • Consultancy services – state organises trainings for the programme participants. The trainings and consultancy are provided on the following topics: marketing, sales, business planning, search of the export markets, requirements for the export markets, etc.

For the additional information please visit, or VTB Bank branch offices.


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