SMS Bank

Make transaction banking easier

VTB Bank SMS banking  allows you to receive SMS notifications online regarding bank accounts (current, card, deposit, loan), transactions completed as well as presence/placement of various legal restrictions to the accounts.

Immediately upon completion of any transaction, user(s) get notified on the following:

  • Amounts credited/debited to/from the account(s)
  • Currency exchange transaction(s) completed
  • Reminder on upcoming scheduled loan payment(s)
  • Placement of legal restrictions to the account(s)
  • Updates, news and other useful information from the Bank

Sending SMS to #1505 allows users to receive information below 24/7:

„?“ – SMS banking codes and respective responses:
„1“ – current account balances/disposable funds
„2“ – card account balances/disposable funds
„3“ – deposit account balances/blocked amounts (if any)
„4“ – current loan liability 
„5“ – presence of legal restrictions to the account(s) (if any)
„6“ – official currency exchange rates
„7“ – commercial currency exchange rates available at the Bank

Note: Legal entities should apply VTB Bank branches for SMS banking services


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