Fill in an Application VISA BUSINESS CASH IN

Instant business card in GEL with a feature of depositing funds to company account. The card can be held by both a company official and affiliated third parties, such as distributors, who have to deposit funds to company account on a regular basis. 

Card advantages:

  • Issued instantly
  • Ability to deposit funds 24/7 via VTB Bank (Georgia) Universal ATMs and Instant Payment Terminals
  • More comfort. Timesaving. Avoids queues at cash-desks
Card issue fee GEL 10
Valid for 2 years
Card currency GEL

Card type

VISA Business

Card currency


Valid for

2 years

Card issuance fee

GEL 10

Card replacement (card damage or loss, etc.)

GEL 10

Minimum balance requirement


Annual accrual on the card account


Accrual on the unsanctioned overdraft

0.1% daily

Changing PIN



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