Fill in an Application VISA BUSINESS CASH IN

Instant business card in GEL with a feature of depositing funds to company account. The card can be held by both a company official and affiliated third parties, such as distributors, who have to deposit funds to company account on a regular basis. 

Card advantages:

  • Issued instantly
  • Ability to deposit funds 24/7 via VTB Bank (Georgia) Universal ATMs and Instant Payment Terminals
  • More comfort. Timesaving. Avoids queues at cash-desks
Card issue fee GEL 10
Valid for 2 years
Card currency GEL

Card type

VISA Business

Card currency


Valid for

2 years

Card issuance fee

GEL 10

Card replacement (upon PIN code forgotten, card damage or loss, etc.)

GEL 10

Minimum balance requirement


Annual accrual on the card account


Accrual on the unsanctioned overdraft

0.1% daily

Changing PIN



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