Mobile Pay

Digital wallet - Mobile Pay - a mixture of innovative banking service and contemporary mobile technologies, will make your interaction with the Bank even more comfortable, fast and simple!

Registration Free
Service Free
Payment at trade/service facility 0%
Daily limit for payments 5,000 USD or equivalent in other currencies

Mobile Pay Advantages:

  • Simplicity
    • Make a purchase, simply holding your mobile phone close to the payment terminal.* 
    • Make a money transfer by holding your mobile phone close to another phone**
  • Comfort - you can leave your regular wallet at home as all your banking cards will be combined in NFC mobile application: just select one of them and make a payment.
  • Safety - Mobile Pay is equipped with three levels of security, thus excluding possibility of making fraudulent payments:
    • Unique code  of a mobile device;
    • Application code;
    • Username.
  • Using the application and making payments is free of charge

*If the price of a purchased item/service exceeds 45 GEL, you will be required to type PIN-code in mobile device or sign the receipt.
**In order to make interaccount transfers addressee of the transfer should be a  user of Mobile Pay service.

Additional benefits of Mobile Pay

  • You can receive a detailed statement of the card performed transactions     
  • Allows you to  see the list of the blocked sums („in details“)
  • Helps you to find the nearest ATM or branch 
  • You can  view exchange rates   
  • After you enter Mobile Pay application, SMS code is automatically highlighted

Using Mobile Pay

Downloading the application

For downloading the application, visit Google Play Market through your device, type the name of application “Mobile Pay” in search field or scan QR Code and download the app 


For internet or mobile banking users - you can use Mobile Pay without additional registration. For using application you will need username, password and one-time dynamic code, which will be sent to you via SMS.

After the registration, application will request setting Mobile Pay PIN-code for further simplified access.

If you do not use internet or mobile banking, but use Call-Service Code, you can register using one of following ways: visit the web-site of VTB Internet bank (, call hotline of the Bank (+995 32 224 24 24) or visit any of the VTB Bank branches.

Uploading card information

Application will let you upload information on all of your banking cards and choose the one you want to pay with during making the payment.

Paying through Mobile Pay: 

Mobile Pay can be used anywhere around the world, where Visa payWave (contactless) terminals are available

  • Activate your mobile device
  • Simply hold it close to a contactless payment terminal

Making payments does not require internet connection.

You can use Mobile Pay if you have an Android device with 4.4. or later versions of OS and NFC support.

Mobile Pay - User Guide

In order to use Mobile Pay, you will need one of these Android devices 

VTB Bank (Georgia) by virtue of cutting edge technologies gives proper care to ensure customers’ security, although it is recommended that the customers follow the security guidelines.

Be aware, that Mobile Pay app may:     

  • Check network connection status
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Identify the device
  • Access the external storage
  • Access your Location Services (GPS)
  • Access your phone contacts
  • Read your messages (SMS)
  • Access your vibration sensor
  • Access NFC function
  • Use Push-notification services
  • Temporarily disable “Sleep /Lock” function
  • Check if the device has completed booting up 


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