Card account security service

Protect your card from illegal use in Georgia and beyond. You will be reimbursed any amount of the illegal ATM, POS-terminal or internet transactions carried out by an unauthorised persons.
By insuring card account, you automatically insure all the cards linked to such account.

Terms and conditions of Card Account Security Service:

Service term

1 year

Number of reimbursable transactions

5 accompanying illegal transactions

Select the Service package that suits you best:






Premium +


limit for illegal


GEL 4,800

GEL 8,000

GEL 16,000

GEL 24,000

GEL 30,000

limit for illegal

GEL 800

GEL 1,920

GEL 2,400

GEL 3,200

GEL 4,800

GEL 6,000

Service fee

GEL 7*

GEL 12.5

GEL 20

GEL 60

GEL 100

GEL 130

*"Standard" package is free of charge for 1 year for Mastercard Debit Cardholders 

When receiving card:

  • Never keep PIN-code with your card, keep them safe from other persons          .
  • After having received the card, sign your name on a special field on the card. This will safe you from misunderstanding while using the card. 
  • Do not share the card with others  
  • Keep secret CVV code
  • Never write down PIN code , keep it in mind and do not give it to someone     
  • In case you change the card make sure that the old card is damaged (cut into four parts) 

When using ATM:

  • Do not seek help from strangers
  • Make sure no one sees the PIN you are typing
  • When transaction is completed, hide the card and count  the cash without leaving the ATM area  
  • Do not  leave a statement (receipt) at ATM, tear and discard it  
  • Change your PIN frequently at least once a month   

When shopping:

  • Use the card only in reliable retail sites. Do not allow service personnel to take your card to another point of sale \room. Payment must be made before your eyes 
  • Pay attention to the amount of payment on the terminal display screen  
  • Dial the PIN –code unnoticed by other people   
  • Make sure that upon completion of the settlement you are returned your card, and that this is your card   
  • After making a settlement always keep a receipt
  • Check your bank statement on monthly basis
  • Inform the bank about any unauthorized \unsanctioned transaction

When internet-shopping:

  • Payments should be made only from your computer with licensed antivirus software that is updated regularly        
  • Use the web pages of known and reliable organizations and companies 
  • Check existence of logos of those payment systems through which card payment can be made  
  • Make sure of web page security \safety of  web page: the web page address should begin with https:// in the lower right corner of the browser should be reflected  the private “lock”
  • Make sure the address of the web page where you intend to purchase is correct. If in doubt, do not enter the card data.  
  • Do not use  your Pin-code! To make a payment it’s enough to enter your name, card number, card expiration date and CVC2/CVV2 (in some cases you need to specify additional personal information)
  • Use an independent card where you have a limited amount. In any case use the card account security service  
  • The web page should not  save your card data

Immediately contact us or block the card yourself using remote service:

  • In case the card is lost or stolen.
  • In case you discover the illegal transaction.
  • If information about your PIN-code or CVV code becomes known to other  persons    
  • If the card is damaged or fails to work  
  • To report an authorized transaction   

Remember, that VTB Bank (Georgia) JSC, IC Group Insurance Company  and Unisonn employees do not make calls and do not  send you e-mails with a request to  provide, update or confirm your card data   (card number, card expiry date, PIN, CVC2/CVV2, codeword, Internet bank user name and password ). Do not click on the link provided in the email. If you receive an email or SMS about winning, blocking a card  or any  unfamiliar operation, do nor contact the sender and do not give him your details

In case your card is lost or for any other reasons, we have 24-hour service for such emergencies, please call (+995 32) 224 24 24)


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