Bonus program VTB BONUS

Are you VTB Bank card holder?
VTB bank offers you VTB BONUS program, in the framework of which you are able to accumulate the bonus points at the trading/service outlets for each transaction implemented with the card.

Where do the bonus points accumulate
Bonus points are accumulated on the territory of Georgia, with any bank POS-terminals allocated at the trading/service outlets, in case of payment with VTB Bank card.

How the bonus points are accumulated?
While buying any item/service with the card the bonus points will be automatically accrued. The number of the bonus points depends on the type of your card. Minimum transaction amount eligible for points accrual is GEL 20.

Card type Accumulated points*

Visa Electron/Classic/gold/VTB Credit Card/Design Card/Instant Card/Transfer Card

GEL 4 = 1 point

MasterCard Maestro/Standart/Gold/ POS Loan Card

GEL 4 = 1 point

Visa Platinum/Visa Infinite/MC Debit/MC World Elite

GEL 2 = 1 point

V Card

GEL 1 = 1 point

*Once a year on your birthday  double points will add to your account

How the bonus points are spent?
You may spend the accumulated bonus points in several ways:

  • Pay utilities;
  • Top up mobile phone balance;
  • Transfer the points to the own account;

The bonus points are spent according to the following formula:

Operation Formula
Repayment of the household running fees 100 points = GEL 1
Filling in the mobile balanse

100 points = GEL 1

Transfer to the own account

125 points = GEL 1

The bonus points might be spent after 14 days upon accumulation.

How to get information about the accumulated bonus points?

  • Send SMS with the symbol "P" to the number 1505 and you will receive the notification about the accumulated and the available bonus points;
  • Visit your Internet Bank, call our Call Center on 224 24 24 or visit any Branch Office;
  • You can receive detailed statement on transaction history and earned points via Internet Bank or at any branch. 

How are points annulled?
2 years after joining the program (accrual of first points) points earned throughout the 1st year are subject to annulation. 

Pay with the card and accumulate the bonus points

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