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Is similar to common Consumer Loan that is secured by the Term Deposit opened with VTB Bank (Georgia). Loan term and amount depend on the same features of the deposit. Applying for given product in most cases will prove more advantageous than prematurely withdrawing the deposit. You may request a loan in currency different from deposit currency.
The loan may be secured by the Deposit of a third party

Interest rate Deposit interest rate + 4 %
Effective interest rate From 4.10%
Minimum loan amount GEL 100
Maximum loan amount Deposit amount
Loan term Deposit term
Loan currency GEL, USD, EUR
Upfront commission fee 0%
Pre-payed fee 0%
Special note Loans up to GEL 200,000 are issued in national currency
  • Flexible repayment schedule (monthly or at the end of term)
  • Low interest rate
  • No limitations in regard with loan designation
  • No commission fee payable

Documents required: 

  • ID documment

Term Deposit (except for Child and Savings deposits) and a Surety (if a third party deposit is presented as a collateral)

  • Minimum age - from 18 years
  • Maximum age - unlimited
  • The Borrower shall have active Term Deposit at VTB Bank (Georgia)


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