Contact Us Special terms for anyone wishing to buy a new car

Special terms for those wishing to buy a new car! You can get a new car out of the Bank’s partner car dealerships, drive it for 3 year and then turn it back for the predetermined purchase price.
What is the most important is that in 3 years’ time (at the end of the loan term) you will be able to choose one of the three proposed options: 

  • To return the car to a car dealership for the residual price, as a result, the obligation to the Bank is settled
  • To cover the loan in full and keep the purchased car
  • To restructure the residual value amount, extend the loan for another 3 years and become the owner of the car

The key advantages of the product:    

  • Lower monthly payments on the loan during the use of vehicle
  • Flexible loan schedule 3+3 (years)
  • 6 months insurance as a gift
  • Co-participation from 0%

Specific conditions for the car loan are determined depending on the car dealer and the car selected.

You may take advantage of the aforementioned conditions at the following partner auto dealerships:

  • Porsche Center Tbilisi
  • Mazda Center Tegeta
  • Volvo Cars Tegeta
  • Toyota Center Tbilisi/Tegeta


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