Joint VTB Bank (Georgia) and Unicard card is a Visa Classic type debit card that unites all features of standard banking card and Unicard. Co-brand card allows to make card settlements at trade/ service facilities and earn Unicard points.

You can earn points when making payments using a Co-brand card in POS-terminals of any bank placed at trade/ service facilities on the territory of Georgia. Besides, if a trade/ service facility is also an Unicard Partner Facility, card payment will also earn you Unicard points, in accordance with the terms agreed with the Facility. 

Earned points can be spent in compliance with Unicard Terms&Conditions.
Information on points total is available on Unicard Web-site after completing authorization procedure. 

Validity term

2 years

Card issue fee

At VTB Bank branches - GEL 5, at Unicard offices - GEL 0

Card service commission

GEL 0 p.a.

Card type

Visa Classic

Opening account Free
Monthly commission GEL 1
Card issue rate

At VTB Bank branches - GEL 5, at Unicard offices - GEL 0

Urgent card issue rate N/A
Card replacement (PIN code forgotten, card damaged or lost)

At VTB Bank branches - GEL 5, at Unicard offices - GEL 0

Minimum balance on the account Not required
Annual accrual on the card account 0%
Accrual on the unsanctioned overdraft 0.1% daily
Daily cash withdrawal limits
At VTB Bank Unlimited

At ATMs and POS-terminals of other banks

GEL 5,000

At trade and service facilities’ POS-terminals and on the internet

GEL 10,000

Cash withdrawal
At VTB Bank  
In GEL 0.3%, min. GEL 1
In foreign currency 0.6%
At partner bank* Partner bank rate + 2%, min. GEL 6, USD/EUR/GBP 3.5, RUR125
At other Georgian banks Other bank rate + 2%, min. GEL 6, USD/EUR/GBP 3.5, RUR125
Abroad Cash withdrawal not allowed
Cash withdrawal from ATM
At VTB Bank ATM 0%
At partner bank ATM* 0.5%, min. GEL/USD/EUR/GBP 0.5, RUR 15
At the other bank ATM in Georgia 2%, min. GEL 6, USD/EUR/GBP 3.5, RUR125
Abroad Not allowed
Non-cash transactions
Payment at sales points commission 0%
Internet payment commission 0%
Transfers from the account
Within the bank 0%
Outside the bank in national currency 0.1%, min. GEL 1
Outside the bank in foreign currency 0.2%, min. USD 15 equivalent in the respective currency
Stop-listing the card
Local Free
International USD 50 per week
Changing PIN code GEL 1

PIN recovery


* TBC Bank, Halyk Bank Georgia, BasisBank, Finca Bank Georgia, Caucasus Development Bank - Georgia
** Rate is valid in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia

  • Points are being accrued per each transaction made using a Card at any trade/ service facility around Georgia;
  • Using a Co-brand card for settlement earns you more Unicard points;
  • Manufacturing and servicing a Card are free of charge;
  • The Card is issued instantaneously.
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