Individual Safety Deposit Boxes

We offer you the individual safety boxes:

Minimum term of safety box use

14 days

Maximum term of safety box use

Not required

Fee for safety box lost/damaged key 

GEL 200

Small box (except central branch)

1 day – GEL 1, 1 month – GEL 25
Large box (except central branch) 1 day – GEL 2.5, 1 month – GEL 30
Small box 1 day - GEL 1
Medium box 1 day - GEL 1.5
Large box 1 day - GEL 2.5

Extra box

1 day - GEL 3.5

Option for safe and reliable storage of documents, money, jewelry, as well as of all those items that are in compliance with the rules set by the financial committee of the Bank.

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