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VTB Video Bank – is an exclusive service provided by VTB Bank that allows the clients remotely performing any non-cash transaction, through the face-to-face communication (video call) with the bank operator.

How can I use the video bank?

In order to use VTB Video Bank:

  • Download the application from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Enter your internet/mobile bank username and password and, after logging in into the system, you can contact operator by video call.
  • Go to the web-page, enter your internet/mobile bank username and password and, after logging in into the system, you can contact operator by video call.
  • Visit VTB Bank branch office and find video bank service area there.

When can I use the video bank?

  • Video bank is available Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

In which branch offices can I find the video bank area?

  • Central branch – 14 G. Chanturia St.
  • Saburtalo branch – 21 Vazha-Pshavela Ave.
  • Gldani branch – 3 Khizanishvili St.

Video bank offers you the following services:

  • General services
    • Providing general information/consultancy
    • Providing information about accounts, issuing statement
    • Providing account details
    • Issuing SWIFT report
  • Non-cash transactions
    • Non-cash conversion
    • Transfer between your accounts
    • Transfer within the bank in national/foreign currencies
    • Transfer outside the bank in national/foreign currencies
    • Transfers to budget
    • SMS Code Money Encashment/ Transfer
  • Account related services
    • Opening current account for individuals
    • Closing current account for individuals
    • Opening card account for individuals
    • Registering package offers
  • Card related transactions
    • Ordering new card
    • Renewing card (extending validity term)
    • Card replacement (PIN code forgotten, card damaged or lost, etc.)
    • Issuing additional card
    • Registering card account security service
    • Changing priority currency for the card
    • Changing cash withdrawal daily limit
    • Blocking/unblocking the card – local/international
  • Money transfer related services
    • Receiving money through fast money transfers
    • Sending money through fast money transfer system
    • Changing (sending) details of fast money transfer
  • Utility payment related services
    • Single payments through utility module
  • Deposit and loan related services
    • Opening deposit
    • Withdrawing deposit
    • Adding amount to deposit
    • Submitting consumer loan application
    • Submitting overdraft application
    • Submitting credit card application
    • Submitting POS loan card application
    • Getting online loan
    • Nullifying loan (Overdraft, online, consumer, POS)
    • Redemption
  • Remote product related services
    • Registering SMS bank
    • Registering internet bank – iVTB
    • Registering mobile bank
    • Registering Standing Order
    • Cancelling Standing Order
    • Registering Direct Debit
    • Cancelling Direct Debit
    • Blocking/cancelling remote services (internet bank)
    • Restoring internet/mobile bank username and password
    • Unblocking blocked remote service user

By applying the modern technologies, VTB Bank permanently cares about security of its clients, but, in order to guarantee the secure cooperation, clients shall also observe the security measures.

Take into account that video bank service has an access to:

  • The external memory of the device;
  • Camera and microphone;
  • SMS system;
  • Uses ‘Sleep/wake’ function, in order to accomplish the running operation.


  • Before logging in into the video bank, make sure that you are on the following web-page:
  • Do not share your username, password and telephone code with the others. Do not store such information in computer, internet or mobile phone in files that are not password-protected;
  • Do not send confidential information by e-mail. The bank will never request from you sending such full information by e-mail.

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