Transfer money Transfer by Phone Number or Email Address

Transfer money providing just recipient’s mobile number or e-mail address. 

For the transfer, visit:

  • Indicate the transfer amount
  • Enter recipients’ mobile number or e-mail address
  • Enter your card details

The recipient will receive a notification via mobile or e-mail and the transfer will take seconds.*

*The transaction completion will take seconds, if the recipient has already been registered for the service and has provided the card details. Otherwise, transaction completion will require the recipient to follow the link in the notification and input card details. 

Banking is easy with us – VTB

Transaction currency


Transfers from Mastercard

1%, min. GEL 1

Transfers from Visa

2%, min. GEL 2

  • Limit per transfer – GEL 1,500
  • Limit per day for sender’s card – GEL 3,000, max. 4 transactions
  • Limit per week for sender’s card – GEL 15,000, max. 15 transactions 
  • Limit per month for sender’s card – GEL 30,000, max. 60 transactions

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