SMS Banking

SMS Banking service allows to receive information on banking transactions carried out on your banking accounts, funds available, various banking products, currency exchange rate and carry out certain banking operations. 

You will receive automatic and requested SMS notifications. 

Automatic notifications include information about:

  • Cash withdrawals and wire transfers from accounts
  • Cash depositions and wire credits to accounts
  • Currency conversions
  • Rejected/ canceled transactions
  • Standing orders status
  • Loan approval/ rejection
  • Loan payment reminders
  • Loan delinquencies
  • Manufacturing and expiration of cards
  • Deposit expiration/ automatic prolongation
  • OTPs for registering in system and/ or carrying out operations

Requested notifications include information about:

  • Currency exchange rates (USD/EUR/GBP/RUR/GPY)
  • Funds available on current and card accounts
  • Funds allocated to deposits
  • Outstanding debt obligations
  • Cash-collection order on certain accounts

You can also request blocking of cards. 

To receive desired information or carry out a transaction please send special order code to following SMS numbers: 1505, 91555 or 595242424. The code should be sent from the mobile phone number registered with the Bank.

Order code  

Banking operation


All orders and their descriptions


Currency exchange rates


Block a card (operation has 2 stages: initially you shall be replied with a list of cards or their last 4 digits, in particular. On a second stage the Bank shall be sent the same code along with the last 4 digits of respective card)


Available and blocked amounts on card accounts (card shall be identified using their last 4 digits)


Funds available on current accounts


Funds allocated to deposits


Outstanding debt obligations


Cash-collection order on certain accounts


Canceling subscription to advertisement SMS messages

Registration on SMS Banking service 


Monthly fee for SMS Banking service


Other distance banking products

Call Service
You will have an opportunity within 24 hours to get the information about products and services.
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