VTB Mobile Bank – New Way of Interacting with the Bank

VTB Mobile Bank for iOS and ANDROID allows you:

  • Managing your accounts
  • Effecting transfers
  • Receiving information on loans and deposits
  • Paying utility and other service charges

With VTB Mobile Bank you can get:

  • Check balance at specific account
  • Receive information on aggregate balance at your accounts by the products
  • Check your aggregate assets and liabilities
  • Get the statement
  • See transaction details
  • Send account number/details using standard phone communication functions (SMS, E-mail, Skype, FB Messenger, Viber. . .)
  • Transfers among your accounts
  • Transfers within the bank
  • Transfers to Georgian banks (GEL)
  • Conversion
  • Payment of utility and other service charges
  • Create regular payment orders
  • Create and use templates
  • Fill up the mobile phone balance
  • Receive information about your deposits and loans
  • See loan repayment history and schedule
  • Add to the deposit
  • Pay loan
  • Receive information about your bank cards
  • Block/unblock cards
  • Check currency exchange rates
  • Find nearest branch office and ATM
  • Learn about news
  • Communicate with the bank through mailbox of the application
  • Fill out and submit the applications to the bank:
  • Change account names as you wish
  • Change password
  • Call the hotline
  • Send SMS
  • Send the message via e-mail
  • Visit the bank web-site
  • Visit the bank official web-site

By applying the modern technologies, VTB Bank permanently cares about security of its clients, but, in order to guarantee the secure cooperation, clients shall also observe the security measures.

Take into account that VTB Bank mobile application has an access to your phone:

  • memory
  • exact location (GPS & network data);

Based on the location, the application allows you finding the nearest ATM/branch office

  • contacts list;
  • SMS system;
  • Application automatically requests SMS authorisation service.


  • Do not leave unattended mobile device with installed VTB Mobile application, especially when you’re logged on into the Mobile Bank;
  • Do not share username and password with others;
  • Do not send confidential information by e-mail. The bank will never request from you sending such full information by e-mail. If you receive the message containing such request, immediately call +995 32 224 24 24 and delete the message;
  • Do not store confidential information (username, password, authorisation code) in computer, internet or mobile phone in files that are not password-protected;
  • After you finish working in the application, due to safety reasons, always use ‘Exit’ button of main functional menu on the left side;
  • Protect mobile with the password;

Also, take into consideration that:

  • In case of 10-minute inactivity, the application session will automatically terminate;
  • Your username and password shall be unique;
  • Any transaction/transfer requires additional authorisation.
Registration Free
Service Free
Transaction commission In accordance with the set standard tariffs


Before authorisation, you can check the integrated demo version of the bank application

‘Finger Print’ authorisation
If you are using iOS and Android smart phones equipped with the fingerprint scanner, you can log on into the VTB Mobile application by your fingerprint.

In order to activate this function:

  • Activate standard phone screen unblocking fingerprint function;
  • Enter into the application, select ‘Finger Print’ in ‘Settings’ block of left ‘Main Menu’, press ‘Activate’ button and follow the instructions.

Installation and registration of the product

To install application visit App Store / Play Store, type application name – VTB Mobile (or VTB, mobile banking, VTB Georgia mobile banking, VTB Georgia, VTB Bank Georgia) – in the ‘Search’ field  or scan respective QR Code and press ‘Install’ button. Application is free.

For the registration of the product, please visit any branch office of VTB Bank Georgia.

In case you are using VTB Bank call service, you can register remotely, by calling the hotline: +995 32 224 24 24

Mobile bank user instructions

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