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The Private banker is your reliable partner and irreplaceable assistant, friend and right-hand man, whose main task is ensuring your satisfaction and comfort. 

The Private banker takes into consideration your financial requirements, takes care of safety and growth of your capital, protection of your family's interests, optimization of investment structure and, at the same time, providing timely and high quality day-to-day services.

Obligations of the private banker include providing:

  • complex banking services
  • assistance in the selection of optimum banking and insurance products
  • recommendations on investment-distribution of your free funds with the purpose of maximizing your profits
  • the relevant information on products and services
  • assistance in representing your interests within the bank
  • assistance in finding optimal financial solutions
  • consultation on tax and legal issues
  • telephone support at any time you desire
  • maximization of your self-confidence and comfort, wellbeing and satisfaction
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