PSP Gift card

Gift Card for PSP pharmacy chain customers

Take care of your loved one!

  • The card can be bought by anyone at any of the PSP's pharmacy chains;
  • The card may be bought for the amount from GEL 50 to GEL 500;
  • The gift card is valid for a period of 12 months;
  • There is a possibility of partial spending of the amount;
  • The gift card is a non-personalized card for local use.

1. What is the gift card?
The gift card is a non-personalised prepaid gift card for local use. The card can be purchased for an amount between GEL 50 and GEL 500 and then payments can be made at terminals located at any PSP pharmacy chain.

2. Who can buy the gift card?
The card can be purchased by any individual.

3. Where can the gift card be bought?
At any PSP chain pharmacy.

4. Where can I use my gift card?
At any PSP chain pharmacy.

5. How much does the gift card cost?
The card is issued free of charge.

6. How long can the gift card be used?
The card can be used within 12 months from the date of purchase (the validity period is indicated on the card).

7. What amount can be placed on the card?
The card can be loaded with minimum GEL 50 up to maximum GEL 500 at a time.

8. Is it possible to spend a part of the amount?
Yes, it is possible to spend an amount in portions before the expiry date or amount of the card.

9. What type of card is this?
A first-class plastic card with a magnetic stripe.

10. Is it possible to withdraw money from the gift card?
You cannot withdraw money from the gift card or make any transactions with the card other than payment at a PSP pharmacy.

11. Is it possible to top up the card?
Not possible

12. How can I check the balance on my card?
You can check the balance on your gift card at PSP pharmacies.

13. Is it possible to pay with the gift card at a POS terminal of another bank?   
Only available at a PSP Pharmacy chain terminal.

14. Can a lost card be recovered or blocked? 
If a gift card is lost, it cannot be recovered or blocked. The balance on the card is also non-refundable.

15. Do I need an identity document to get the card? 
No ID card is required for the card purchase.

16. Can I present the card to another person?
The card you have purchased can be can be handed over to a third party.

17. Can I transfer the remaining amount to another gift card if the card is damaged?
If the card is damaged, it will not be possible to transfer the money to another account or produce a replacement card. The cardholder can request the remaining amount on the gift card after the card expires if he/she physically presents it at the VTB points of sale. In order to withdraw money, an individual must have a current/card account with the VTB Bank. Upon expiry of the gift card the unused limit service fee of GEL 10 per month is activated. 

18. Is it possible to use the card for other banking transactions?
The card may not be used for banking or other similar purposes.

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